Tying your shoes can seem like forever, right? Especially, when you' re in a hurry.


Solving a tying problem and making it fashionable. It is useful for all generations, even for those with disabilities. Just »yank it« and »clip it«! This is a new Kickstarter project, which will make your life easier.

Innovation in lace design and can fit into every shoe with holes. You screw those metal tips on top of it and then just yank it and clip it. So stop wasting your time and follow that modern edge. All the parts are replaceable and can be disassembled very quickly and because of its simplicity the shoelace can be used by every generation - from kids, youth to seniors. 

"The whole story started two years ago when I was sketching a shoe. There were a lot of brainstorming and questions like is it necessary to change shoes; why shouldn't we just change the shoelace?! Finally we came up with an idea of elastic shoelace that can be tie with simple metal clip. First shoelace was made from wire and key rings. After two years of polishing the idea we make the shoelace as much comfortable and simple as we can," explain Slovenian designer Knez David, who also patented the idea.

Like it? Find it on Kickstarter.

Dec. 16, 2016 Living photo: Quickshoelace

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