Do you ever want to just unplug? Eliminate all the noise around you and relax? Or listen to your music in peace? Meet Muzo, it'll take create your personal zone of silence.

From a san Francisco-based startup product design company Celestial Tribe LTD. comes Muzo, the first acoustic device that applies Anti-Vibration Technology and Noise Masking Technology in order to minimize the disturbance from any unwanted noise sources nearby, such as loud talking or car horns beeping, when all you want is just to listen to your Beethoven - and actually hear the music. It helps you relax, get away from the busy day and even works wonders for people suffering from insomnia as it is a great device for Anti-Vibration and Great Sleep Analysis. You can simply set the alarm, and Muzo will help you fall asleep - later, it will generate sound waves to wake you up, so as a result, developers say you will be able to sleep soundly whole night and wake up rested.

Via smartphone app, users have acces to 12 soothing soundtracks with realistic sounds of nature, including the winter wind, a river stream or campfire, so when it is either too quiet or there is too much disruptive noise outside, you can always create a comfortable natural sound and enjoy your personal zone, while escaping today's inevitable noise pollution.

Users can choose from 3 modes to create different atmospheres: the Serenity mode creates a silent place by Anti-Vibration, the Sleep mode helps you achieve better sleep quality by Scene Creation and the Secret mode protects speech privacy by Sound Masking.

Muzo retails at $249 with deliveries starting in April 2017.

Sept. 13, 2016 Living photo: Celestial Tribe Ltd.

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