Did you know that more than 500 milions of plastic straws are used every day? Here is a greener alternative.

New Kickstarter project has just came out with a new idea - StrawStraws. "The words drinking Straw comes from the word Straw. We here at Straws want to bring the Straw back to it's roots. Straws are biodegradable, hand harvested and hand cut between the nodes of the Straw. The curing process which we are employing with direction form our German Partner's creates sterilized, tasteless and rigid Straws," says the Straw team.

There is a little farm in Kingfield Maine where drinking Straws grow naturally from the earth! Crazy, right? Not, as Maine is a state with the right climate for growing them. "We want to stay local and grow local. Our long term goal is to create a business model that providers straw drinker with an environmentally conscious product that is sourced locally".

The Kickstarter campaign for Straw Straws seeks to raise $12,500 by July 7th to fully launch the product, and backers can be the first to receive a package of these biodegradable drinking straws with a pledge of $25 or more.

June 4, 2015 Living photo: StrawStraws

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