The Norwegian Coastal Administration confirmed that Stad Ship Tunnel is now officially part of the Norwegian National Transport Plan (NTP) in the period of 2018 to 2029, making it the world's first full-scale ship tunnel.

When it comes to ships, the Stadhavet Sea is known as the most exposed, most dangerous area along the Norwegian coast. Stad Ship Tunnel is the result of Norway's efforts to find a solution for the freight and passenger ships (even the size of Coastal Steamer - Hurtigruten) to travel and navigate their way safely through the perillous coastline.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration, as stated in their press release, sees construction of NOK 2,7 billion (total cost) tunnel to include conventional blasting using underground drilling rigs and pallet rigs. They expect to have 3 million m3 of solid rock removed for the project, which is equivalent to approximately 8 million tonnes of blasted rock.

It will take approximately 3 to 4 years to complete all construction work, but first, NCA will deliver a pilot project to the Ministry of Transport and Communications in the spring of 2017. After that the project will undergo an external quality assurance process (KS2) and then it will be presented to the Parliament in order for it to pass the final decision on project's funding. With that in mind, the project will start construction in 2019 at the earliest.

Once finished as estimated in 2023, it will be 1700 metres long, 36 metres wide (between tunnel walls) and 49 metres high (between ground and ceiling). The cross-sectional area will measure 1625 m2.

"We experience great interest in the project, beyond that it is a project that will secure safe journeys and transportation of passengers and freight on the most exposed and dangerous part of the Norwegian coast. In recent weeks, we have shared film, photographs and interviews with journalists in the UK, the US, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Australia. We expect the interest to become even greater when the actual construction begins," said Terje Andreassen, project manager for Stad ship tunnel at NCA.

FILM: Stad Ship Tunnel (English version)

April 11, 2017 Living photo: ystverket / Norwegian Coastal Administration / via Flickr

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