Petcube makes sure your pet never feels alone, no matter where you are.


If you have a pet, you are perhaps familiar with the anxiety pet ''parents'' feel when they have to go out and leave their pets at home. What if you could still interact with them, even when you need to go shopping or visit? What if you could even check, if they have enough food and feed them whenever they are hungry?

Petcube Inc., the company behind Petcube Bites and Petcube Play, decided to look for new, more technologically backed ways of interacting between humans and their pets. They came up with a couple of solutions that enable people to virtually care for their pets and always feel connected to them, even when they are not around.

With Petcube Play you can remotely play and exercise with your pet by dragging or tapping your finger on the Petcube app screen to move the laser dot. The app uses a built-in interactive laser toy and advanced camera features. With Play you can do all sorts of things - you can see, talk to and have fun with your pet whenever you feel like it, no matter where you are. On the other hand, Petcube Bites makes it possible for you to fling treats remotely. You can add a little fun for your pet and train together, encouraging positive reinforcement, correct bad behaviors, play fetch with treats, and praise and reward your pet. And all you need to do that when you are away from the furry loved ones, is your smartphone.

Albeit deciding to keep a pet should also include having enough time to play and take care for the pet, circumstances often don't allow it. With Petcube, life is a little bit easier for the carer and the pet, as you get to spend at least some "digital time" together.

If you like the idea, there still over a month left to express your support for the products - click to see Petcube's fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

July 28, 2016 Living photo: Petcube

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