An extremely gifted cosplayer Leo (if you do a little search on Facebook, 'Elmins Cosplay' is his profile name) created a truly majestic cosplay - Aether Wing Kayle from League of Legends, which is motorized to raise feathers and rotate wings, among other things. 

He started working on the model in 2014. As he says, it all "just started out as almost a joke". After 2-3 months of on and off researach and quite literally 1,000 hours of work, the costume was finished. It's based on a model from the game, but he alone designed all the awe-inispiring mechanics and the impressive Aluminium frame. And it would appear this is the very first time he's even tried doing something like this! Amazing.

The wings alone are said to weigh about 16-17 kilograms with the wing span of over 4 meters (when fully extended) or 2 meters (when folded backwards). The entire costume weighs about 3 kilograms more. The shiny golden-like surface is made of spray painted EVA foam.

According to Leo, parts of a microwave, bed frame, shelving, PC power supply, motherboard, and over 40m of wires were used to build the model. Over 3L of spray paint were used, as well as over 1.5L of contact adhesive and over 2.5L of glue for the first coat over foam. 

The costume's wings are powered by two 5000mAh 3 cell (3S) LiPo batteries, a mobile power bank for front LED and microcontroller power. With the glow on (provided by no less than 500 LEDs), the batteries last for about 10 hours, but with the motors running the battries will run dry in 6 hours. Wing tips and small feathers are run by 6 RC servos, a GW31CT-5 (12v 5rpm 50kg/cm torque worm gear motor), and two motors for rotation, but Leo plans for the final desing to feature 15 motors in total.

When asked about future projects, the talented man replied that he hopes to do his own "PROJECT: Kayle design based on League of Legends PROJECT character styling, but for Kayle" and perhaps even tackle a comission piece, since so many people are posting highly positive comments and asking Leo to make them a set of wings as well.

We wouldn't mind wearing a pair!

Dec. 12, 2015 Living photo: Elmins Cosplay

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