Fu Feng and Fu Ban the panda twins in Schönbrunn zoo are half a year old today.


They love to rollick around and are quite good at climbing. They can be observed frequently, even when they are sleeping. Fu Feng likes to sleep in plain view on the platform whereas her brother Fu Ban prefers to retreat to the cosy tree hollow. Mother Yang Yang still suckles them once or twice a day. "they already nibble the tender bamboo leaves whereas the hard stalks are rather considered to be a plaything" says the zoo's director Dagmar Schratter.

The little bears have also been given balls to play with but they also still find it very exciting to discover the enclosure with its climbing structures and platforms. Schratter explains: "the twins love to climb up high. Their sharp claws make for a good hold. If they do tumble down from time to time they land safely on a thick layer of hay." Until now Fu Feng and Fu Ban have stayed in the indoor enclosure and are not yet allowed to accompany their mother to the outdoor area. In spring they will be able to do so but until then they have to improve their climbing skills.

In the meantime it has also been decided what is to become of the body of male panda Long Hui who died beginning of December. According to the wishes of the Chinese partners Long Hui's body will be prepared and transported back to China in the early summer of 2018.

Feb. 7, 2017 Living photo: Schönbrunn Daniel Zupanc

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