If you like to boogie and your dog is no different, check out this smartphone controlled LED dog vest! It's so far out!


Your dog will deifinitely get its groove on with Disco Dog, the world's first smartphone controlled LED dog vest. There's so much more to looking all cool and blinky with 256 animated RGB LEDs (controlled via Disco Dog mobile app) producing thousands of hues and patterns, including sparkle, stripes, firefly, and alarm. Sure, users can control brightness and color, including two-color gradients that flow across the vest, but you can also choose text mode - if you type something in your smartphone app, this vest will display your custom messages, scrolling accross the vest.  

Furthermore, it is designed to help protect your dog - when it's dark, your dog wearing the disco outfit can be visible and safe. In addition to that, if the dog gets too far away from you and the connection with your smartphone is lost, the vest will automatically display a blinking 'lost dog' message, so people around him become aware of the fact and start searching for the owner.

The vest that runs on a rechargable 3.7V lithium polymer battery is adjustable and comes in three sizes - S, M and L. It  It is equipped with a microcontroller and a bluetooth low energy chip.

What do you think - quite groovy or quite embarassing for a man's best friend to wear?

Oct. 11, 2016 Living photo: Disco Dog/PARTY New York

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