Philips Lighting has been chosen as a key partner to provide the urban lighting infrastructure in Eindhoven.

he Dutch city of Eindhoven's goal is to become a smart and sustainable city, and they just announced plans of Phillips Lightning helping them achieve that. Joining the so-called "Quadruple Helix" of partners, bound to work together and develop innovations for the next 15 years, are also the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) and Heijmans, a Dutch company that specializes in developing roads infrastructure, civil engineering and non-residential buildings.

According to Phillips press statement, this partnership is introducing participatory planning, meaning that they are offering every single resident a chance to be part of every step of the smart city project to improve the quality of life in their community. The project 'Roadmap Urban Lighting Eindhoven 2030' includes the development of innovative lighting applications in public spaces, such as connected LED street lighting, and the maintenance and management of public lighting in the municipality. Technology like connected street lighting in combination with other smart systems, sensors and intelligence will turn the lighting infrastructure into an information highway that will enable numerous other benefits and services for residents.

"We see Eindhoven as a true pioneer in what we see as an evolutionary path towards transformation into a smart city. Public lighting is closely interwoven with a city's infrastructure. In addition to light it represents a ready digital platform for acquiring and sharing information and services that provide real value to the citizens," said Frank van der Vloed, Market Leader Philips Lighting Benelux. "Citizens want a say in the smart city services provided to them and the city of Eindhoven plans to involve them, so that the smart city is built from the ground up."

The consortium starts work in the autumn of 2016 in five selected pilot areas across the city.

Oct. 25, 2016 Living photo: Phillips

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