There are garbage patches in the ocean, posing a serious global problem. Some claim, you can see ocean trash from space, saying clusters the size of cities have formed, while others say that's exagerrated poppycock; the fact remains something has to be done about it.


In Science magazine (February 2015 issue) a report was published, following a study on plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean, which states that the amount of plastic that entered the oceans in the year measured, 2010, might be around eight million — the equivalent of "five plastic grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world", according to lead author of the study, Jenna Jambeck. Furthermore, she estimated that "by 2025 the amount of plastic projected to be entering the oceans would constitute the equivalent of 10 bags per foot of coastline."

Two of those people who are trying to make a difference, are designers Song Shi and Liu Kuan. They developed a rather futuristic fan look-alike called the Ocean purifying drone. According to the designer duo, the concept drone "uses the ocean's hydel power to purify the water nearby and has the ability to fold up, allowing ships to position and re-position them at will." 

Fabulous, but we're not creative designers, so what can we do? Avoiding plastic packaging wherever and whenever possible, embracing reusable bags and drinking from reuseable water bottles sounds like a good place to start.

Sept. 1, 2015 Living photo: Song Shi & Liu Kuan

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