What does it take to make some public place your favourite place to hang out? 


In Singapore, there is a wonderful programme called Our Favourite PlaceIt was established to support various projects that are initiated and implemented by the people living in the community in order to make their community life more fun and the people more connected.

One of many ongoing projects by government agencies and the industry to test out innovative technology in Jurong Lake District is also Project Bus Stop, envisioned by a group of architects from DP Architects (DPA) as a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Their aim was to create a bus stop that will "make waiting fun", but more generally speaking, it's all about coming up with and testing new innovative technologies in Jurong Lake District, which is, according to 'Our Favourite Place', envisioned to be a leading model for Singapore in developing a mixed-use urban district that is sustainable, smart and connected.

Besides its primarily function, it was important for the developers to create fun and enriching experience for commuters, so they equipped their prototype bus stop with free WiFi, handphone charging points and interactive smart boards that provide content and services such as bus arrival timings. Commuters could also download e-books to read while waiting, or a journey planner to spend some time planning their day out while on the go. The bus stop also comes with a lovely green roof and offers a chance to park your bicycle, if you live a bit further away from the bus stop and you normally wouldn't walk there. There is even a swing. To liven things up even further, artwork by local illustrator Lee Xin Li is showcased for a neat, artsy experience.

We would love to see this kind of a bus stop in our city as well, how about you?

March 13, 2017 Living photo: Urban Redevelopment Authority

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