Plan of cooperations between Renault and EEM is to present possibilites of for usage of solar and wind energy and experience how could electric cars help with that.


Very interesting project, that might mean a big step towards sustainable mobility and might help pave the road towards more responsible usage of electric energy while help providing it through environment-friendly source. In addition, one of the partners within the project is French carmaker Renault that also happens to be the biggest manufacturer of electric-driven automobiles in Europe. Second partner and author of this 18-months long project is Empresa de Electricitade da Madeira, SA (EEM), provider of electric energy for the islands of Porto Santo and Madeira.

Project, which will be called Sustainable Porto Santo – Smart Fossil Free Island Is going to be an illustration of Renaults attempts to create sustainable mobility for everybody, for individuals and for companies. Eric Feunteun, Electric Vehicles and New Business Programme Director thus expressed excitement "to be teaming up with EEM today to establish this unprecedented smart electric ecosystem which demonstrates to what extent the electric revolution is changing our everyday lives beyond just transport. Our aim is to build a model that can be carried over to other islands, eco-districts and cities, while consistently striving to achieve large-scale rollout of electric mobility solutions that are affordable for all."

Whole project is going to be consisted from three steps. Initially, Renault is going to provide 20 electric cars, 14 Renault ZOEs and 6 Kangoo Z.E. that drivers will use on daily bases. Next step, which will follow by the end of this year is going to be establishment of V2G network so users of those cars will be able to return the energy that currently don't need back into the network. Third step is going to be a step into the unknown also for Renault as they are about to begin reusing old batteries from cars to store energy, produced by local wind farms and solar panels.

Feb. 22, 2018 Living photo: Newspress

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