Part of the upgrade is also going to be an improved R-Link infotainment system

Renault Zoe has in half a decade become Europe's best selling electric car. Well, it is also one of the first, that came on the European market and it quickly became popular, thanks to enough room inside and a decent range, at least for the time of introduction. And while a successor is after more the five years, since first cars hit the market, nowhere to be seen, Renault had introduced quite a significant (standard) upgrade to its first ever EV.

While a small refreshment, which will help ZOE attract even more customers, will also be made, the main novelty following the start of spring 2018 is going to be new electric motor. Existing motor R90 is going out of production and a very new power plant called R110 is going to replace it.

Being built in Cléon, Normandy, R110 is Renault's own electric engine, that took 2 years of development, is a direct replacement for R90. While it takes the same amount of space under the hood and weights as much as R90, it does have an additional 12 kilowatts of output. So while its torque remains the same (225 Nm), car is going to accelerate faster, especially between 80 and 120 kilometers per hour – a total of 2 seconds faster than before. While the top speed is expected to remain the same.

Another big improvement for ZOE is a brand-new Android Auto-enabled R-Link Evolution infotainment system. It will enable users of Android smartphones to operate and display their pre-installed applications like Waze, Dezzer, Spotify, Skype, TuneIn etc. on car's built-in multimedia screen.

Feb. 19, 2018 Living photo: Newspress

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