This Kickstarter project is giving us the opportunity to create 3D printed sculptures in the most eco-friendly way!


The Renegade 3D Pen prints 3D models by recycling your plastic waste, including bottles and bags – with it, you can directly recylce your plastics, save money and help the environment.

Creators explain how it works: "Renegade uses a robust and powerful extruder that includes a screw-feeder mechanism and heating system. These combine to transport, destruct, and melt the plastic tape produced by the ChupaCut plastic bottle shredder or even standard filaments. The rotating screw forces the heated plastic to move forward evenly and extrudes it from the nozzle. The molten plastic then cools down rapidly into a solid and stable spatial structure."

Your silhouettes are printed out and traced with the Renegade; they can be simple or intricate, your creative genius is the only limit. The temperature of the 3D pen is easily adjustable from 50°C to 320°C with the help of a single controller. The speed is also controlled by a single button.

Renegade can use 5 to 7 mm strips cut from PET plastic bottles, plastic bags, or plastic files with a thickness of 0.14 to 0.35mm. It can also use standard PLA, ABS, nylon, TPE, HIPS, wood and other types of filament with a diameter of 1,75 mm.

The plastic strips you need to use with the 3D printing pen can be made with the help of the so-called ChupaCut plastic bottle shredder - but you can also use it for various DIY projects and creative artworks. It creates 3, 6, 9, or 12mm plastic strips with the blade is completely and securely enclosed within the shredder. It is available in orange, yellow, blue, green, or red colors, all with a black handle. And it even looks cute!

Renegade 3D Pen from Renegade 3D Pen on Vimeo.

Drawing a 3D Triangle with Renegade from Renegade 3D Pen on Vimeo.

Renegade in Action from Renegade 3D Pen on Vimeo.

Aug. 2, 2016 Living photo: Renegade

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