Nissan and its partner, mobile and online services provider DeNA, will start testing of a robo-vehicle mobility service in Yokohama on March 5.

They predicted Easy Ride mobility service for those people, who want to travel free and without involvment to their destinatuons using a robotic vehicle. Test will take part in Minatomirai district of Yokohama on the route which spans about 4,5 kilometers between Nissan's global headquarters and Yokohama World Porters shoping center.

Both companies set up a remote monitoring center with advanced technology which will enable cutomers to use Nissan's electric cars as vehicle of choice. Using a dedicated app, passangers will be able to input their desires via text or voice or choose from a list of prearanged destinations. In the car they will find a tablet screen which will show them another 500 points of interest and events in vicinity. They will also be offered discount coupons from near by shops and restaurants.

At the end they will be asked to judge their experience with Easy Ride, which project partners will use to further develop service.

Feb. 24, 2018 Living photo: Nissan

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