It features a green, laser image of a bike, which is projected onto the road ahead in order to make the cyclist more visible and thus, safe(er).


Never point a laser at someone's eyes. Or a plane. But you can easily point it onto the floor, which is exactly what a company called Blaze did and then they created Laserlight (pricetag: £125).

As its name already suggests, this is a gizmo with a pretty standard front light (albeit very bright at 300 lumens), which also features an independently working laser. It is able to project a bright green image of a cycle onto the road 5-6m ahead of the cyclist, so that other people on the road and vehicles are able to spot it – especially at night and in other dangerous, blind spot situations. Battery will give you 'juice' for up to 13 hours.

Laserlight is waterproof and was made in partnership with PCH International, the manufacturing company that also develops products for Apple.

This week Blaze announced a new collaboration with TfL & Santander Cycles: 250 Santander Cycles bikes in London have been equipped with Laserlight. "This world-first trial will play a significant role in further improving cycling safety and, if successful, the Blaze Laserlights could be introduced to all 11,500 London cycle hire fleet," they wrote in a statement.

Now try and multiply 11,500 with £125... Not bad, not bad at all.

Sept. 18, 2015 Living photo: Blaze

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