The astronauts of Expedition 44 ate vegetables that have grown in space for the first time this week.


On the International Space Station, there is a historical lettuce harvest going on these days. Lettuce that was planted on 8 July and has grown in space was harvested for the first time. In a special greenhouse, several kinds of vegetables are grown by using special blue, red and green LED light for growth and photosynthesis. "On the way to Mars, and on the way back, we're not going to be able to get supplies. We're going to have to be self-sufficient," said the astronaut Scott Kelly for NASA on his first bite and added that the salad tastes good. "Don't worry, we've also got olive oil and balsamic vinegar."

Part of the salad was eaten fresh, while the rest was frozen and sent for analysis. On Earth, of course. The results will be known soon, along with the well-being of the astronauts.

Aug. 12, 2015 Living photo: NASA

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