Samsung could soon offer the augmented reality wearable technology! 


One of world's technological greats, Samsung, has apparently filed in a patent application with some blueprints (two of which you can see in the gallery) that reveals exactly what the company is working on: smart contact lenses. 

According to SamMobile blog, the patent introduces "a contact lens equipped with a tiny display, a camera, an antenna, and several sensors that detect movement and the most basic form of input using your eyes: blinking." It seems that the display is able to project images directly into the eye of the user. In addition, this technology will require something like a wirelessly-connected smartphone to proces the data. Yes - this means you would literally be able to take photographs with a blink of your eye and probably publish them on social media.

In the application it is noted that lenses offer a better, more natural way of submerging us into augmented reality than smart glasses (like the ones from Google that were not as warmly greeted as the company hoped). But, truly, imagine having a tiny camera stuck onto your eyeball... It really opens endless possibilites of use, but you could also record, process, store and transfer practically anything you see, which makes us think, there will be some heavy privacy issues ahead, should this patent ever come to life as an actual product. 

However, this, once it becomes available, promises a terribly exciting technology and as tech enthusiasts love to say lately with all the technological break-throughs: what a great time to be alive!

April 11, 2016 Living photo: Profimedia

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