A design for 25 sustainable homes.

John Gilbert Architects, a Scottish design studio, created a housing solution with all the necessary infrastructure without sacrificing any part of the tranquil nature in its surroundings. In Findhorn Ecovillage one will find 25 wind-powered, colorful homes, which actually represent a mix of flats and houses, boasting passive solar design. The ecovillage is constructed from native, Scottish timber and insulated with recycled newspapers. The award-winning sustainable design also includes heat recovery systems, solar panels and wind turbines that generate enough power for the village, so the 25 homes actually have a zero carbon footprint. The surplus power is given back to the National Grid. 

Housing options depend on residents' needs, for example they even come with a studio for any resident who works directly from home. Co-housing facilities include kitchen, common room and workshops, so the residents can enjoy cooking and eating together, crafting together or just socialising

Nov. 18, 2016 Living photo: Tom Manley Photography

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