Have a look at the Morava river valley from a bird's eye view.


Have you ever walked in the clouds? After six months of hard work, Sky walk, a unique 55 meter high building, is finally opened. The project, which is not only in Europe but also unique in the world, grew up  near the cottage "Slaměnka" at Dolni Morava, Czech Republic. 

The summit can be easily reached along a wooden path with strollers and wheelchairs, but adventurous visitors can use unique 101 m long stainless slider with windows. 

1116 meters above sea level, this unique building doesn't offer just beautiful views, but it also educate and entertain. Visitors of all ages can learn from the information boards about the attractions around the building, the history of the valley and the clouds as a meteorological phenomenon.

Feb. 20, 2016 Living photo: Dolni Morava

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