In small slovenian town Mozirje in Savinja valley, now you'll find a special new village, named Beeland. 


Stay in chalets in the form of honeycomb and watch busy bees, while enjoying sauna, jacuzzi or massage tub. Sounds like an original experience? And so it is. 

In the external view it is hard to imagine how the chalet is furnished. We can tell, that you won't miss anything in there. Kitchen, bedroom for couple or families, modern bathrooms with sauna and jacuzzi its all you need for peaceful holiday in the middle of nature. 

Two wooden chalets, Maya (suitable for two) and Willy (couples or families), are not uniqe accommodations just for summer and spring time, when the bees are active. It can be special accommodation in autumn and winter months too. Boutique wellness is at the doorstep of paradise for your body and soul and you can also enjoy in the nature, because valley is surrounded by white peaks and green forests covering the slopes above the Savinja river. 

Nov. 26, 2016 Living photo: Beeland

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