The mesmerizing mixed-use building is designed to connect the new urban district to the harbor areas near Amsterdam's city center. 


Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) joined forces with Barcode Architects and recently won the competition for the Sluishuis, in IJburg Steigereiland, which is an emerging urban district in Amsterdam. 

The 46.000 m2 project, which is to be situated on the water at Amsterdam's IJ Lake, includes 380 zero-energy residences, along with approximately 4.000 m2 of commercial and common areas, 240 underground parking spaces, and a comprehensive water-quality program with space for up to 30 houseboats, explain the designers. 

The cascading terraces bring extra dynamics to the building and a lifted corner towards the water looks as if welcoming arriving boats. The large opening brings daylight and views to the complex's inner apartments. The design is based on the idea of living on the water and appears to be different from every direction you try to look at it - at one vantage point, for example, it looks like the bow of a ship. The building will be surrounded by a promenade and will continue into the water, forming an archipelago of islands with houseboats, a sailing school, and floating gardens.

"The world famous urban environment of Amsterdam was created by the fusion of water and city. The new Sluishuis is born of the same DNA, merging water and perimeter block and expanding the possibilities for urban lifeforms around the IJ," said Andreas Klok Pedersen, Partner, BIG.

Further information is not available at the moment, when the project is listed as being ''in progress'' without any completion date - but since the residences are described as being zero-energy, we believe more details on the sustainability factor of the building will follow shortly.

Dec. 2, 2016 Living photo: Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

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