Black Hornet je odlična pomoč vojski, reševalcem in gasilcem.

Any remote controlled flying object, including drones, is a precious military weapon. Among others, the US Army is evaluating a new type of a spy drone of unusually small size.

It is called Black Hornet PD-100RS and is a product of a company Prox Dynamics from Norway. This miniature drone is just 10x2.5cm "big" (small) and weighs only 16 grams. You can easily hold on a palm of your hand. To make it even more suitable for military use, Black Hornet has ordinary and thermal imaging cameras. With a range of around 800 meters, it is perfect for snooping around military units.

American army apparently has a few of little drones and may have been testing them in Afghanistan over the past months. They have, however, been somewhat overtaken by the British, who have been using drones in Afghanistan since 2013. Drones are particularly useful in danger detection "around the corner", locating snipers and discovering other traps. Black Hornet has not been designed just for military use, but can also be used by fire fighters when exploring the terrain together with rescue teams in search of injured or survivors.

June 3, 2015 Living photo: Prox Dynamics

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