Nothing beats being able to provide clean energy for your home. And then some.

According to the official SolarCity blog, the community of SolarCity customers  "just produced enough energy in one day to charge every Tesla in the world," and with that they actually produced four times more energy than they use.

There are already over 230,000 ''solar citizens'', becoming a very powerful source of energy, country-wise. So far, they are said to have produced "billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity", giving power to their homes, neighborhoods, and businesses. On March 22, however, they set a record of their own - it was their biggest energy-generating day ever as they, collectively, surpassed 8 million kilowatt-hours of electricity production in just one day!

To make us better understand the enormity of these numbers, the blog states that this is the amount of energy, required to fully charge over 107,000 Tesla electric vehicles (with standard Model S having a 70 kWh lithium-ion battery).

SolarCity, the leading provider of residential solar power in California, was founded in July 1993 by brothers Peter and Lyndon Rive. The idea came from their cousin, Elon Musk, who not only designed the solar company concept, but also helped the company come to life. He is still connected to the company by being its Chairman.

SolarCity and Utilities: The Future of the Grid from SolarCity Creative on Vimeo.

April 11, 2016 Living photo: SolarCity

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