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An award-winning international architecture and urban design studio Spark unveils plans for colourful beach huts built from recycled ocean plastic.


This is Singapore's latest bright idea - solar-powered beach psychedelic huts made with recycling trash from the South Pacific Garbage Patch into permanent palm tree-like beach.

Beach Hut are designed to help bring attention to the problem of ocean trash and would be built with a geometric skin manufactured from recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene), a non-biodegradable plastic. Thin film photovoltaic cells would be laminated onto the recycled HDPE scales and help generate electricity for lighting and the interior ceiling fan. Huts would provide basic shelter to campers or park visitors and they would be also rentable for the night. 

While conceptualized for Singapore, if all goes as planned, might first be realized at a beach along the Australian coast. Party in a pine cone anyone? Yes, please.

Feb. 27, 2016 Living photo: Spark design

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