If you are in Ljubljana, visit Sonica, a festival of transitory, sound, and experimental art, conceived as a showcase of the annual programme of the MoTA Museum of Transitory Art.

Sonica is a sound space experiment, an attempt to transform a classical exhibition space into a field of events, performances, workshops, and lectures. It is a temporary laboratory established on the crossing of visual art, media and sound art and research, consisting of production and research residencies, exhibitions, performances, and public interventions, with a special focus on public presentations and talks.

This year's Sonica festival will also host four concert evenings. The festival will open with a cathedral-like sound in a dark inter-space, which they will enter with sharpened senses and place their first building bricks by listening closely. The musician that was the first ever to perform at Sonica (at the Jakopič Gallery in 2009) returns to the festival after eight years. Tim Hecker returns with his Love Streams album, which he created in collaboration with the Oscar-winning composer Johann Johannsson. The album was declared the most anticipated experimental record of the year by Rolling Stone. The concert takes place in a dense haze and complete darkness, which Hecker fills with light and sound accents to form monumental spaces for the listeners. Hecker will be introduced by an exciting new project by Christian Kroupa, who will exclusively perform new material from his anticipated upcoming release on the Asonic label.

For this year's AV night, artist from the experimental scenes in Serbia and Slovakia will take over the Slovenian Cinematheque. The noisy duo Vritti is a collaboration between two important figures of Slovakia's experimental music scene – Slavo Krekovic and Peter Kerekes. Wo0 & Incredible Bob, SHAPE platform 2016 artists, are coming to Ljubljana with their new laser cinema show, Peoplemeter, where both play instruments. More about the programe here.

On Friday, they're opening the new MoTA LAB at Celovška 42. The festival will move into two glass pavilions standing under a characteristic heavy concrete roof. "We'll open the Sonic Pavilion exhibition there in the late afternoon with a series of installations, interventions and performances on the topic of sound and architecture. The French duo Nonotak, this year's Sonica resident artists, will develop a new installation especially for the space. Connective, a new work by a Slovenian artist of the younger generation, Staš Vrenko, will take over the main MoTA Lab space. Nicolas Maigret's Resonant Architecture will amplify buildings, Nikola Uzunovski's Alien will respond to Skopje's cult modernism, and Anne Katrine Senstad will intervene on the roof of the pavilion. The architecture of sound will resonate in Bojana Petkovič's Swamp Orchestra. The cracking of concrete will be explored and dissected in the work of Julien Bayle, the second Sonica resident artist this year. Martin Reiche will be capturing invisible sounds around the buildings and Stefan Doepner will take over the inter-space between pavilions with a variation of his Jedinica Jedan. We'll open the exhibition with two live performances: the best Slovenian experimental musicians will test their skills on the Connective installation, followed by a light and sound performance by Sally Golding and Matt Spendlove," said the MoTA LAB team. 

NONOTAK studio ( Noemi Schipfer & Takami Nakamoto ) light installation NARROW at Mota Center

Sonica takes place in the Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, the Museum of Modern Art, Gala hala, and Channel Zero. 

Sept. 28, 2016 Living photo: Nonotak

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