Samsung and the startup 24M found a way to extend the life of lithium-ion batteries

The main flaw of mobile phones today is that you have to charge them (too) often. If you use the phone's functions regulary, the battery barely lasts the day. But this problem should soon be a thing of the past, because Samsung used a material (silicon anode and several layers of graphene) that, so they say, doubles the battery's autonomy (to 21 hours a day) compared to classical lithium-ion batteries. The new batteries can be used in electrical devices and electric cars. We do not yet have any information about the price, as this is a new technolgy that should reach the market in the years to come.

But the price of the batteries was discussed at the startup company 24M. They have found a way to produce lithium-ion batteries for half the cost and improve their capacity at the same time. Their battery cell is based on a semi-solid electrode that was developed at the famous MIT. Because of it they were able to remove 80 % of the non-active and non-chargeable materials, which lead to an improved capacity and also simplified the battery. One can also not neglect the fact that they can produce the battery in one-fifth of the time used to produce current Li-ion batteries.

July 3, 2015 Living photo: Samsung

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