Gapado island, running mostly on solar and wind power, is hoping to become carbon-free by 2030.

177 residents live on Gapado, a beautiful little island off the southwest coast of Jeju, and they rely mostly on solar and wind power for their everyday electricity needs. To achieve the title of ''world's first carbon-free island'', they removed electricity poles to lay underground cables, and installed two wind power generators and solar panels on top of their houses (worth over $100 million), according to Chanel NewsAsia. Jin Myoung-hwan, the head of Gapado, says that is all the island needs to operate.

"We installed two wind generators that create a total of 500kw of electricity," he stated for Chanel NewsAsia. "Among the 97 households in Gapado, 48 of them installed solar generators. As we have electricity generated from the wind and solar generators, we do not need to use diesel generators, relying completely on solar and wind power."

The little off-grid island - accessible via ferry from Jeju Island - is already known to tourists for its natural beauty, colorful scenery, barley fields, seafood noodles (jambong) and black beans noodles (jajangmyeon); Gapado has in recent years established itself as a very desirable destination, where making jumping shots and visiting the Gapado Barley Festival is a must. Traveling around the island is usually done either by walking or cycling, as there are only nine cars on the island - four of which are eco-friendly, electric vehicles.

Check out their Facebook page here for more information.

June 8, 2016 Living photo: Wikimedia Commons

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