World's first jacket that captures the sun's heat to keep you warm.


Feeling cold? Not anymore with this solar-powered smart jacket. A jacket will helps you get warm faster, for longer and with less bulk than other traditional outerwear. 

Utilizing patented, lightweight energy absorbing technology, ThermalTech is designed to capture the sun's ultraviolet rays and energy from artificial light sources to convert and store as heat-- increasing the in-clothing temperature by 18°F in only two minutes! The stainless steel mesh fabric threads are strong yet lightweight, lending to extended lifetime use while reducing the weight that additional heat-storing materials bring to most outerwear.

ThermalTech was co-founded by Carlos Cortes Manica and Fatima Rocha Arguelles with the goal to "impact people's life positively through technology". You can find their project on Indiegogo, where the jacket can be yours for 149$, but you'll get it next winter. 

Jan. 28, 2016 Living photo: ThermalTech

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