In Silicon Valley, California there is a mall, called the Vallco shopping mall. It used to be well-visited, but in the recent times not many shoppers stop by. Hence, a decision was made to turn the now almost abandoned mall into something else. The proposed plan introduces a gathering point, designed to improve the quality of community life, wellness and healthy lifestyles.


According to The Hills at Valco website, their plan is to "revitalize the Vallco Shopping Mall into a vibrant, sustainable, walkable and safe new neighborhood with a mix of retail, dining, entertainment, recreation, offices, housing, open space and public amenities."

Instead of being torn down, the mall together with the accompanying parking lot is set to transform into a new friendly neighbourhood, where people can socialize and enjoy the nature. The project is said to be topped with literally the largest green roof in the world. Hoping to motivate people to get outdoors, the developers say the project offers "30 acres of recreational resources for the community — 3.8 miles of walking and jogging trails, meadows, vineyards, orchards and organic gardens, children's play areas and a refuge for native species of plants and birds." Get up, get out, and get active - that is their motto. 

Those visiting this huge family-friendly gathering place will see vibrant farmers markets, movie nights, cultural and community events and outdoor performances, with incredible surroundings, featuring interlaced, walkable, pedestrian and bike-friendly streets, along with miles of new trails.

But that is not all. When they say they're going green, they're really going green. The Hills at Vallco strive to obtain the LEED Platinum certification, use recycled water for irrigation, heating, and cooling, and recapture rainwater to reduce water consumption. The park will be sustainable, with native, drought-tolerant flora and climate-responsive landscaping that thrives on little to no water. The green roof, natural ventilation and smart technology will ensure energy efficiency, keeping buildings and surroundings, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Sounds amazing. We wholeheartedly hope to see more projects like this one!

Nov. 19, 2015 Living photo: Rafael Vinoly and OLIN

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