You know how babies fall asleep during the drive? And how they sometimes struggle to sleep in the bedroom? Ford came up with a smart solution that will rock your baby to sleep at home just as a sligthly bumpy car ride would.

Ford designed a very unique smart tech crib concept that reproduces your car's movements, lights and sounds so your babies, while actually resting in the comfort of your home, feel as if they were resting in a moving car.

The concept cot that was designed by Ford of Spain jointly with Spanish design studio Espada y Santa Cruz, is controllable with a smartphone app, so you know what is going on at all times. Tech savvy parents can actually use and custom-match the sounds with the sounds that come from the actually family car, the one that baby is familiar with. 

While we're not sure if we'd want to surround an infant with (be it smart or 'dumb') electronic devices of any kind, technologically at least, this looks like a neat idea.

April 9, 2017 Living photo: Ford

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