Samsung's 6th generation of galaxy comes in two flavours – the classic and the curved screen. The latter is of course more expensive and more interesting.


This designer-technical innovation looks like the screen is flowing over the edge into the side of the housing, thus revealing a small portion of light-emitting diodes even while the device is turned facedown.

Since this leaves a relatively small part of the screen visible to the user, it only displays short notifications: weather, messages, reminders for received e-mails, and the like.

But while both Samsung Edges are more elegant than their Galaxy brothers without curved screens, the handling of devices with such a screen takes some getting used to. Especially when they are lying on the surface on their back, as the edge of the housing is smoothly rounded in this case and does not offer a good grip.

But when one gets used to this design feature and begins to utilise the properties of the edge screen, the glances at the phone during meetings become even more subtle, since such a device does not need to be turned as much, as it communicates information in two directions.

Aug. 14, 2015 Living photo: Plugin magazine

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