The Alternative Limb Project was asked to create a very special prosthetic limb for an amputee gamer James Young, inspired by the world of Metal Gear Solid. 


James Young swas 22 when he suffered a terrible accident and sustained dramatic injuries, after which his left arm had to be amputated. He is now 26 and wears a state of the art futuristic limb that was inspired by video games he loves to play so much. 

A quite futuristic prototype bionic arm, which was designed by prosthetics artist Sophie De Oliveira Barata, founder of the Alternative Limb Project, is powered by awe-inspiring robotics that connect the nerves and muscles of the shoulder with the prosthetic. It comes with a custom-designed leather harness, tailored to perfectly fit James for ultimate comfort and fit by Shashi Couhan. 

The Phantom Limb is 3D printed and receives signals from electrodes in the harness. Using buttons in the forearm, the device can then form grips and gestures, including closed fist, open palm, thumbs up, point, pinch and tripod. The passionate gamer has full control over the battery-powered hand and arm with the high voltage lithium battery stored in the bicep.

This bionic arm comes with all sorts of amazing additional built-in high-tech features. The wrist is Bluetooth enabled and features a USB port (so he can even charge his smart devices), a built-in flashlight and a laser. There is even a small screen interface in the wrist that is capable of connecting with James's phone and displaying messages, emails, incoming calls and social media notifications. Moreover, there is a small drone stored in the shoulder that can be used at will.

Both the arm and quadcopter controls are spray-finished in a metallic caramel rum colour, with detailing stencilled on in white. The carbon fibre construction was taken from GTR (motorsport and aerospace manufacturers), so the artificial bionic limb is relatively light at 4.7 kg, and very strong.

The bionic arm is still a prototype, so  most likely some features may be changed, upgraded or added before the product is finalized.

May 23, 2016 Living photo: The Alternative Limb Project

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