Beer is so much more than just a drink. It can either offer a really profound experience or even bitter disappointment, if not poured properly. 

How to properly pour a beer?

Beer must be served without carbon dioxide and with foam. Only that way will the beverage taste rich and the stomach won't left you feeling overly full or cause belching. But how are we to achieve that? There are several ways of pouring beer and by following a few simple steps, drinking beer will become an unforgettable experience.

Various styles of pouring beer derive from the many local traditions, ways of brewing beer and beer qualities. So be sure to check first what kind of beer it is that you are about to drink and then choose your ideal pouring style accordingly. 'Belgians' are known as fan-favorites, so let's begin with them. The pouring style we're describing below is the same style that is also used for pouring French and light Dutch beers.

1. Keep the glass clean
Beer foam is a very tricky, delicate thing, so you better make sure there are no oils, dirt, or washing detergent left in the glass. It is recommendable to rinse the glass in cold water before pouring.

2. Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle and tilt it upright once it's half full
Nagnite kozarec pod kot 45 stopinj in skušajte točiti čimbolj v sredino. Za optimalno količino pene kozarec poravnajte, ko je do polovice poln. Nekateri priporočajo tudi tri četrtine.

3. Foam is a must
As every true beer lover would tell you, there is no proper beer without proper head. Make sure you leave a 2-3 centimeters wide layer of white foam in the beer glass – depending on the type of beer, there can be even more foam. At the (American) pub the barkeeper will scrape the excess head off a beer, along with the excess of carbon dioxide. 

According to the German beer pouring technique (also known in Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria), you should keep your glass straight and keep filling it until the foam forms and reaches the top. After tha you wait for the foam to settle and start filling the glass again, until it raches the top. Pouring beer this way takes a few minutes, if you want to do it correctly. So, if you are a very patient human being, good luck, otherwise, choose another pouring style. Or another type of beer. 

When serving stronger, dark beer like Guiness, fill the glass halfway up and wait for the foam to settle and thicken. Only after that resume pouring all the way up.

If you intend to take a closer look into the world of beer, you may find out that beer is not merely an alcoholic beverage, coming to your aid, when you feel most thirsty (especially during a football match). Combined with the right food it can also present itself as a genuine culinary delight!

July 28, 2015 Living photo: Profimedia

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