Do you want a charger for your smartwatch that floats mid-air while charging? LIFT will do the trick.

There are numerous gadgets that you don't really need, but they look fantastic and are simply fun to have (if one can afford them). For example, you can live with a standard charger to charge your smartwatch, but why use that one if you can have so much fun with one that floats while charging?

Levitation Works created LIFT, inspired by Tesla's original ideas around transferring electricity through the ether. They adapted the concept in order to develop a device that would transfer power while levitating in space without the help for any wires or strings. Influenced by Apple, Porsche Design and simple minimalism, creators with "obsessive attention to detail" came up with a charger that will not only re-charge your wrist-deco, but also neatly display your pretty smartwatch. Making for a neat design complement to any home, imagine how impressed your visitors will be once they see it spinning around on your table or a shelf?

To match the style of your smartwatch, materials were chosen not only for their beauty, but also for their function and performance (hence the high quality machined aluminum to reinforce the main housings and structural points), explain the designers. 

Additionally, the main charging unit is also equipped with an internal battery giving you two full charges for your smartwatch or even an emergency charge to your smartphone - all while on the go!

Lift (with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that has already secured almost $190,000, heavily surpassing the $44,000 goal) is compatible with all models of the Apple Watch, as well as the last two generations of the Pebble. 

Aug. 18, 2016 Living photo: Levitation Works

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