You can use them to climb up a tree or - you can just sit on them and wiggle your feet!

We were all children once (some of us still remain so in our hearts) and most of us loved to climb trees. We hurt ourselves, sometimes we even hurt the trees. CanopyStair will make climbing up the mighty trees much more simple.

CanopyStair is a spiral staircase, made from curved birch plywood. The steps are strapped around the trunk and bound using adjustable woven ratchet straps, so there is no need for a drill to make holes in the tree and damage it. The steps are comprised of modular wooden platforms and each one of them is strapped around the trunk separately, so you can use as many steps as you like to reach a certain height. Perhaps you only wish to touch the highest branch and observe the sunset from a height, like the designers did, when they came up with this idea, or maybe you are looking for an easier way to climb up to you tree house?

Thor ter Kulve and Robert McIntyre's innovative staircase is said to be not only easy to use, but also easy and relatively quick to install. According to the designers, setting up a seven-meter-high staircase would take you about three hours, if two persons were doing the job. On the other hand, it would only take you 30 minutes to take it back down. No definite price has been set yet, it is expected, though, for the pricing to be revealed later this year in November. At the moment designers and manufacturers are looking for a way to make the CanopyStair more affordable and thus available to a wider population.

July 18, 2015 Living photo: CanopyStair

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