The panda twins at Schönbrunn Zoo are five months old today.


At the moment the panda house is the zoo's number one attraction. "What is the best time to see the panda twins?" is the most asked question. The answer is however not simple. "Typical for all kinds of young animals, the little ones don't yet have a daily rhythm. Their day consists of playing, being fed, exploring their surroundings and of course lots of sleeping. When they want to sleep, they both withdraw into their cosy tree hollow where they can't be seen," says zoo director Dagmar Schratter.

Mother Yang Yang always keeps a close eye on her young ones. This is really necessary as Fu Feng and Fu Ban explore their surroundings full of curiosity. They are now making their first attempts at climbing, play with a ball or gnaw playfully on bamboo canes. If they get too boisterous or when it's time to be fed, Yan Yan will carry them by the scruff of the neck to a suitable place. The twins are suckled up to twice a day. The zoo is extremely pleased by their splendid development: Fu Ban, the young male weighs seven kilos, and his sister Fu Feng weighs more than nine kilos which is well above average for this age.

Jan. 7, 2017 Living photo: Schönbrunn

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