A living legend among footwear, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star (also dubbed as Chuck Taylors or Chucks), has been on the market since 1917 and finally, 98 years after Converse introduced them to the public, the time has come to give the shoe a nice make-over. Not to cause any concern, the basics are to remain the same.


At first, the high top with a flat sole was worn by the NBA players, but then it lost its jam and moved on the street, gaining rep as your everday, casual sneaker. The chucks became very popular with the '70s musicians (such as The Ramones or Debbie Harry from Blondie) and hipsters from San Francisco. Even some 20 years later musicians couldn't take them off their feet – think of Curt Kobain and his signature chucks. Things haven't changed much until this very day either – most of us own at least one pair (if not more), possibly the pair we wore in high school every day and we just can't part with it for emotional reasons.

Perhaps at first glance, the new line doesn't differ all that much from the original design, but according to Bryan Cioffi "the sneaker has been thoroughly rethought and remade," so there are quite some novelties to consider with the The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II. For example, the rubber rectangle on the heel that you scuff after only a couple of walks isnow replaced by a screen-printed wordmark. The dark pinstripe you're familiar with now became a striated pattern, paying homage to the old days when factory workers reinforced the rubber using a tool that looked like a pizza cutter. The fabric is lighter and the shoe 'breathes' easier, but the biggest changes happened inside the shoe.

Nike bought Converse in 2003 and brought along its own know-how and technology. Hence, it's no surprise the shoe was improved with a "a plush and springy foam cushion" on the footpad, making it a lot more comfortable to wear.

If you are someone who would prefer no one ever messed around with your favorite sneakers design, don't worry – the old design, the originals chucks, will still be available alongside the new ones, which will cost you 20 USD more.

July 29, 2015 Living photo: Converse

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