Now its time to find names for the panda twins at Schönbrunn Zoo.

The panda twins are getting more active from day to day, they have opened their eyes already, and are well-fed black and white fur balls. The chosen names will be given to the pandas only 100 days after their birth, so after 15th November. This is done in accordance to Chinese tradition, as the mortality rate among young pandas is very high in the first three months. "For the female panda we already have a name, which will be kept secret for the time being. We have had this name in mind for a long time. Now, after three boys, the joy about a girl panda is great, and we always said we would give our first female baby panda this special name," explains Dagmar Schratter, zoo director at Schönbrunn.

Without giving away any secrets, we can tell you that the name is as always a Chinese double name, the first part being "Fu" meaning "happy". As far as the name for our panda boy is concerned, we are relying on all panda fans worldwide to make their suggestions. The names of the pandas born at Schönbrunn are to date: Fu Long, Fu Hu, and Fu Bao. Together with the newspaper Kronen Zeitung we are now looking for suggestions. Please submit these to the zoo until 16th October at It should be a Chinese name that begins with "Fu". The best name submitted will be one of three names that can be voted for in an online vote at The panda twins chosen names will be suitably celebrated with a children's party on 27th November.

Oct. 4, 2016 Living photo: Schönbrunn

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