Adidas has provided a glimpse into the future of football with the world's first 360° digital stadium, Future arena in Saint Denis, Paris.


Zinedine Zidane, Xavi Hernandez and Per Mertesacker were joined by young footballers from Germany, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden as Future arena opened its these days. Zidane, who throughout his illustrious career played in some of the world's most hostile football stadiums, led out young football creators as they experienced the dream of representing their country in front of 50,000 fans.

Zidane, a living football legend who is constantly seeking to share his experience with younger generations, has played in some of the most mythical stadiums. "I liked the idea of making young footballers feel the emotions I experienced playing in front of huge crowds during my career. It's a unique experience to play in Euro finals, the pressure before the match, the adrenaline in the tunnel, the sound of the crowd pushing you to play your best on the pitch...The Future arena offers all these emotions, just like major football matches. I hope the next generation of players enjoy the atmosphere, who knows where the experience will inspire them to go on and play!"

Those in attendance were also among the first to play a game with Beau Jeu, the Official Match Ball from adidas for the group stages of next year's tournament. The ball was revealed by Zidane on Instagram that day. All eyes were on the next generation as, rather than current national team heroes, young creators from each of the six federations stepped forward and revealed their new away kits for the 2016 UEFA EuropeanTM Championship. Each of the kits has its own design story.

The German kit was inspired by the elements of street football in rural and urban Germany – the backbone of football within this World Cup winning nation. The away jersey is reversible, designed for the needs of all players, from Die Mannschaft to street footballers.

The Spanish kit focusses around explosive emotions displayed in a heat-map, based on the 2012 UEFA EuropeanTM Championship winning goal by Fernando Torres.

Russia's new away kit is inspired by the iconic symbol of the Russian Eagle, designed to reflect youth culture in the country and hinting towards modernity.

The Swedish kit brings the raw street style of the urban generation to the pitch, while the Danish jersey celebrates the elegance and vibrancy of Denmark's youth culture.

Nov. 16, 2015 Living photo: Propiar

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