Fall season is here, did you choose your fashionable accessory, fitness tracker, reality headset or smartwatch already? Well,  you've got plenty of great options.

Here is Plugin magazine buyer's guide:

Charge HR

The ultimate refinement of Fitbit's iconic health trackers. It adds heart-rate tracking to an already solid fitness band at a great price, but all the kinks don't feel fully ironed out yet. Price: from 127.99 $

Misfit Flash

A watch and easy-to-use affordable fitness tracker that can be worn during swimming. Tracker that measures your activity and sleep, syncs with your smartphone, and comes in a variety of colors. Price: from 29.99 $

LG Watch Urbane

The best-looking Android Wear smartwatch and adds Wi-Fi-to-phone connectivity. Crafted in stainless steel with a gold or silver finish, with the latest technology. Price: from 279.50 $

Garmin Forerunner 225

The first Garmin watch that contains an optical heart rate sensor within the watch, allowing you to view and record your heart rate without a separate strap. Price: from 289.99 $

Pebble Time

Playful wearable, with a color e-paper display that provides superior battery life. It's lighter and thinner than any other, but yes, this is a smartwatch. Price: 194.88 $

Sept. 24, 2015 Living photo: Charge HR

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