You love your Prius, but you can't go camping with it? Wrong!


The beloved hybrid once perhaps really wasn't the best choice for camping in the woods, however now it is not only possible, it's also (kind of) comfortable to park and sleep in the woods. Camp-Inn transformed Prius into a camper and it looks pretty neat.

They added a fiber-reinforced plastic hump that goes from the top to the back of the Prius. The hump gives additional space with room for a retractable coffee table and a sofa, and on the second floor (yes, it even has a second floor!) one can doze off in a 'bed'. 

While we're not sure this is the best camper van choice out there, it does look like something a die-hard Prius fan would love. Any thoughts?

Nov. 25, 2015 Living photo: Carscoop

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