The most elegant solution for placing your TV in a room is to hang it on the wall. But you need to have a special holder, which is able to carry its weight. Such problems are non-existent with the new, extremely thin TV made by the LG.

They used an OLED screen (manufacturing of such technology is still quite expensive, but it does enable the production of extremely thin TVs with an excellent image quality), which is as thin as paper, a mere 0, 97 millimetre thick. The TV of the aforementioned South Korean company with the 55-inch screen (almost 140 cm) weighs a mere 1,9 kilograms. During its production the manufacturer followed the rule that hanging a TV from the wall should be similar and as easy as putting a magnet on the fridge door. And that's exactly what they did. The company assures that the TV sticks to the wall thanks to the magnets only, and they also demonstrate this claim. When a customer wants to remove the TV from the wall, they simply detach it from the foundation, while the TV also needs an outer device in order to function properly.

All we can say for now is that such a TV is still a prototype, and that it is not yet known when, if at all, it will see the light of day.


June 4, 2015 Living photo: LG

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