An incredible exhibit, completed in 2010, sits on the floor of the Mexican Caribbean off the coast of Cancun. 


If you thought that it was just art, you were wrong. It has a very practical purpose as well. Artist Jason deCaires Taylor has created an incredible artificial reef of statues he calls Silent Evolution. With 400 life-size human sculptures installed 9 meters below sea level, Silent Evolution plays many roles, but it is foremost an artificial reef encouraging the growth of marine life. 

The Cancun Marine Park attracts over 750,000 tourists a year and this places a lot of pressure on the natural coral reefs. These sculptures are designed to encourage coral growth and thereby add to the oceans biological flourishing. The project is unique in its fusion of public art with environmental conservation and is a visible depiction of the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.

After a few years, here you can see how the sculptures develop and become dressed in coral.

Nov. 28, 2015 Living photo: Jason deCaires Taylor

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