Smart bikes are becoming more and more popular as they normally come with a variety of smart features, for example smartphone-connected route mapping or speed tracking. VanMoof's latest even comes with anti-theft tracking!


The VanMoof SmartBike weighs a little over 14 kilograms and comes with either a 3- or 8-speed Sturmey Archer rear hub transmission. Its integrated head- and tail-lights switch on automatically, when it starts to get darker outside. Another built-in feature is a speed-displaying LCD touchscreen.

As a great security feature, the bike also comes with anti-theft parts and a keyless lock built inside the frame, so potential thieves can't access it. Should someone still manage to steal the bike, they'll be probably left speechless when you suddenly appear in front of them, asking for your bike back - namely, the bike is also equipped with GSM and Bluetooth tracking, so you won't be having any trouble locating it!

Speaking of a keyless lock, it's incredibly easy to unlock your smartphone-connected SmartBike: it only takes a swipe on your smartphone (with an iOS/Android app), or simply touching your hand on the bike. But it's easy only, if you are the owner, of course, as no one else can unlock it. 

It is available in two colours, so you can choose between a grey or a black one.

The company started taking pre-orders for SmartBike yesterday, on May 31st. The 3-speed version is currently priced at US$1,098 and the 8-speed one at $1,298, however pricing will start at $1,798, after the SmartBike becomes officially available in retail stores in December.

June 1, 2016 Living photo: VanMoof

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