According to Garmin, getting hit from behind is leading cause of cycling fatalities in U.S. Hence, the company developed Varia™ Rearview Radar, world's first cycling radar that warns you about cars approaching you from behind.

Garmin believes they found a solution for people that spend a lot of time cycling and are painfully aware of the dangers on the road. It is sometimes difficult enough to avoid mishaps in front of you, so whatever happens behind your back, is even worse, because you don't even realize something's wrong. To make cycling safer and become aware of the traffic and approaching vehicles behind you, Garmin created Varia™ Rearview Radar, combined with the headset, which was unveiled at the 2016 CES.

The cycling radar is capable of sensing vehicles approaching from behind up to 140 meters. The radar tail light also warns approaching vehicles of a cyclist ahead. It works either independently or integrates seamlessly with compatible Edge cycling computers (compatible with Edge 1000). Edge computer or Varia head unit is capable of showing multiple approaching vehicles, informing the cyclists of what exactly is behind them and how fast it is approaching (indicates relative speed of approach and threat level).  In other words, cyclists can keep their eyes on the road, yet at the same receive all the vital, real-time information for safe cycling.

The entire radar bundle including tail light and head unit is available for $300 on Garmin's webshop.

Feb. 1, 2016 Living photo: Garmin

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