Many people don't like having their blood taken. Many are reluctant, because the vein isn't always easy to find, so sometimes the nurse needs to give it another try. And another. And it's very discomforting.


Being poked so many times with a needle, when already the first time was that one time too many, can be an issue. Some people don't mind at all, some would rather climb the Everest than spend another minute near that needle.

VeinViewer makes it all so much easier, for the nurses as well as the patients. According to the company Christie Medical Holdings that offers clinicians the most innovative peripheral vein imaging products, which improve peripheral vascular access, VeinViewer uses harmless near-infrared (NIR) light, which is flooded down on to the patient's skin surface. It locates the veins and projects them onto the skin in real time.

How does it do that? The blood absorbs the NIR, and the surrounding tissue reflects it back to the imaging head. The head unit captures this returned data, processes it and sends it back to the skin surface with the green light added to the background to make it more and instantly visible.

It seems that injecting a needle has never been more effortless and efficient.

Nov. 14, 2015 Living photo: Christie Medical Holdings

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