You could soon learn how the human body works by going "inside".


To go "inside" you have to do just this: download an app and point the device at the new invention, called a Virtuali-Tee. Simple as that and you'll be able to explore the anatomy in fully animated 3D that lets you move in and look around the body. Guess what - including a beating heart!

But a developer, Curiscope company, went a step further - they let you teleport inside the body! The best way to learn is to experience, so they add a Virtual Reality headset.

The app is designed to get kids connecting with the body so that they are curious to learn more. "By understanding how the anatomy is relevant to us, we become healthier and we encourage the desire to engage with Science at a higher level. It's all too easy to forget that we are powered by a fragile, intricate set of systems," said the team. 

You can support a project on Kickstarter, where the campaign has started just well. 

March 8, 2016 Living photo: Virtuali-Tee

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