Customize the perfect shelves for your home before you buy it.

Get augmented reality in your home - Tylko interior design software allows you to see your shelf, however you want it, wherever you want it, before you buy it.

Tylko app provides cutting edge technology and allows you to get inspired and create high quality pieces of furniture connecting you with some of the world's best designers, preview them live in your space and order directly to your door. It is a whole new approach to furniture design, locked into an app. Founded on the simple truth that every home is different, the tylko app offers the possibility to customize designer furniture for the requirements of your personal space. The app allows you to combine different sized shelving to get the best fit for a space to optimize functionality.

It is also possible to choose the color, dimension, and style of each piece, and it is available on Google Play and App Store either. The app notifies users via emailing about orders. Buyers know when units leave the factory and when they will be delivered. Simple as that.

Dec. 22, 2016 Living photo: Tylko

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