Fancy glamping? Located cca. 50 miles west of Vancouver, Canada, there are orbs in the trees called the Free Spirit Spheres, bound to offer an exceptional experience while dwelling in a natural rainforest.

Suspended in the tranquil Vancouver Island Rainforest, guests can choose among 3 different spheres, called Eve, Eryn, and Melody (with Luna and Flora in the works), with enchanting interior that resembles - quite remarkably - the famous Hobbit holes. The design of the spheres is inspired by sailboat construction and rigging practice, described by the creator Tom Chudleigh as "a marriage of tree house and sailboat technology."

Eve was constructed of yellow cedar with a diameter of 2.8 m, and Eryn of sitka spruce, with a diameter of 3.2 m. Melody is the first finished fiberglass sphere, and comes with integrated cushioned benches under both large windows. It is also the only one with painted exterior. Fitting to the name, the graphics feature black birds and musical notes.

Inside, the wooden and fiberglass spheres are insulated with multiple layers of reflective bubble wrap. The furniture is elegant and simple, but above all functional, with vinyl upholstery fabric stapled to the frames, which are offset at 20 degree increments and connect the north and south poles, as explained by the creator.

As explained on their official website, each suspended sphere is tethered by 3 nearly vertical ropes to strong points on each of 3 separate trees to secure a stable hang. The sphere is placed in the center of the triangle formed by the 3 trees. 

Tom Chudleigh, the visionary, craftsman and mastermind behind Free Spirit Spheres (also the first and only manufacturer of spherical treehouses in the world), says his "dreams are currently focused on finding a beautiful, pristine, mixed west coast forest to take FSS to the next level along with perfectly aligned partners."

If you wish to spend a night in the trees, make your reservation here. Looks quite perfect for reading books, relaxing and enjoying the nature around you.

May 3, 2017 Living photo: Free Spirit Spheres

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